Grease Fires = Raging Infernos

Ever experience a raging inferno while cooking on a pan? The pan itself doesn’t catch on fire, but grease does. Grease fires happen when grease gets hot enough to ignite, and they are the causes of many kitchen accidents. It’s better to prevent things from happening, right? So, here’s a list of things to do … Continued

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In Case of Fire

In Case of Fire, Break the Glass Stay Calm Photo taken from In case of fire in the kitchen, remain calm. Don’t scream and flail your hands around like a fish out of water. This will only make everyone panic. Be unflappable. Just like Saturday Kitchen host James Martin. Take a look at the … Continued

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Choking While Alone

Photo taken from: What should you do if you start choking when you’re alone? The 1st thing you should do? Call 911 or your local emergency number immediately. Do this even if you can’t speak. Afterwards, go to a mirror then open your mouth and look in. If you can see what’s stuck, pull … Continued

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