Knife Skills 101

Learning the right way to handle a knife is very important if you want to avoid accidents in the kitchen. You don’t go around cutting food randomly, do you? You must learn how to hold your knife properly when you chop. And you also need to know how to protect your other hand while it … Continued

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Essential Kitchen Items for the Home Chef

How often have you ever looked for a kitchen utensil when preparing a meal only to discover you don’t have it just when you need it? Top chefs with their professional equipment never have to scramble for the right tool for the right culinary job. The home chef? Maybe, maybe not. So, occasionally it might … Continued

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Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Easier

Photo taken from Nowadays, there are a number of gadgets that can make kitchen work easier and safer for home chefs. Gone are the days when you have to go through dozens of difficulties in the kitchen just to prepare food. We now have special gadgets to open jars of imported olives and pickles, … Continued

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Healthy College Food Made Easy

A lot of kids leave for college without any knowledge of how to cook. These kids will end up eating too much pizza and ramen; and these are not the healthiest of food choices. We all know that the average college student is not a master chef. However, you don’t have to be a superb … Continued

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Holiday Gatherings Can Be Hazardous to Pets

Photo taken from: Holidays can be dangerous for pets. Yes, you read that right. Hear me out. Holiday gatherings usually mean a lot of food to be prepared by the home chef. So, when home chefs with pets host their family and friends for large holiday gatherings, it is important that the chef and … Continued

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Holiday Mishaps

Ahhh…the holiday season. It’s that time of the year again where the home chef really struts his stuff, possibly even breaking new ground in kitchen mishaps and disasters, for which he/she or onlookers should be prepared. Most house fires start in the kitchen. That’s a fact. So, it’s not much of a surprise that there … Continued

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The Eating Habits of College Students

Photo taken from As hilarious as it looks, I’m sure that a lot of college students would agree with the food pyramid photo shown above. Let’s face it; college students don’t exactly have the healthiest eating habits. Sure, we have all heard of the so-called Freshman 15, an expression suggesting that a student will … Continued

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The Art of Drunk Cooking

A photo of Hannah “Harto” Hart by Gage Skidmore Photo taken from I have only recently discovered this hilarious cooking show called My Drunk Kitchen. With over a million subscribers, Hannah “Harto” Hart’s show is certainly one of the funniest things I’ve seen in quite a while. I have to say I laughed out … Continued

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