Choking Prevention

Hmm…I wonder what would happen if I swallowed a too-big chunk of that juicy steak? Photo taken from wikipedia Choking could happen, especially for young children and people who tend wolf down their food like there is no tomorrow. You may know what to do during choking incidents, however, prevention is your first line of … Continued

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Healthy College Food Made Easy

A lot of kids leave for college without any knowledge of how to cook. These kids will end up eating too much pizza and ramen; and these are not the healthiest of food choices. We all know that the average college student is not a master chef. However, you don’t have to be a superb … Continued

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The Eating Habits of College Students

Photo taken from As hilarious as it looks, I’m sure that a lot of college students would agree with the food pyramid photo shown above. Let’s face it; college students don’t exactly have the healthiest eating habits. Sure, we have all heard of the so-called Freshman 15, an expression suggesting that a student will … Continued

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