Holiday Gatherings Can Be Hazardous to Pets

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Holidays can be dangerous for pets. Yes, you read that right. Hear me out. Holiday gatherings usually mean a lot of food to be prepared by the home chef. So, when home chefs with pets host their family and friends for large holiday gatherings, it is important that the chef and his/her guests know that there are certain foods that are toxic to pets.

Food is abundant around the table when we gather for the holidays. This also means that the chances of your pet being exposed to toxic substances increases. Here’s an article I found about holiday hazards a pet would face during gatherings. One thing the article failed to mention is that chocolate is toxic to dogs and can be deadly for them. So remind your guests, especially the children, not to feed the pets who are trying to look cute under the table. If you look into those big eyes and you may end up sharing food with the pet. Remind your guests that some human food can be toxic to our little furry friends and it’s better to avoid giving them table scraps.

Here are two more sites with information about foods that are toxic to pets:

Take time to plan your holiday party, and don’t forget your pets!



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