The kitchen, just like any part of your house, can be a dangerous place. Hazards can be found everywhere. Fire, electricity, heat, scalding hot water, smoke, sharp utensils and even culinary gizmos can be a threat. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared than to be sorry.

Book Reviews

– Donald Smith

“This book is as interesting as its subject. Although we don’t usually anticipate major emergencies in the kitchen, it’s better to be prepared for one. And this book can be your best buddy when it comes to applying first aid to kitchen emergencies.”

– Amazon Customer Book Review

“Boy, the cover says it all! Having spent enough time around restaurant kitchens, working alongside an ice carver for banquets and special dinner affairs, and watching my friends cook food in their kitchens and grill on their barbecues, I can vouch for the usefulness of a book such as this and having it around. Beyond having a simple, handy, easy to read and reach home health self-reference guide in the unfortunate accident event for family, friends and special dinner guests, one of its virtues is in reading beforehand---hopefully, for prevention--- to heighten the "weekend chef's" awareness of the types of things that could happen or just go wrong. Also, the book is funny, which doesn't hurt.”

– Laura Allen

“I never thought saving lives and preventing major injuries can be a little bit fun to talk about. With the way Sholl has written all the pointers, there is no doubt everyone will enjoy reading this instructional book. I even bought two copies, one for myself and one for my mother who also loves to spend so much time in the kitchen.”

Jack Sholl

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