A Brush With Death

A Brush With DeathA wire bristle brush used to clean grills

Did you know that the wires on a grill-cleaning brush bristle can sometimes break off and find their way into food?

Who would have thought that cleaning up the grill can be hazardous to your health? Before you take a bite out of that juicy meat your neighbor has been barbecuing, you might want to ask your buddy if he used a wire bristle brush to clean the grill.

If a wire bristle brush was used for cleaning, the chef should examine the grill surface carefully for the presence of wires that might have dislodged from the brush. These wires could find their way into your food if you’re not careful. Nobody wants to experience the pain of having a wire stuck in your throat, esophagus, stomach, or intestines. That thought alone may be a bit cringe-worthy.

According to an article on CBS News, CDC estimates that approximately 80,000 people go to emergency rooms every year after accidentally swallowing foreign objects. That’s a huge number, don’t you think? And the majority of the victims are children.

So, remember to be vigilant when cleaning your grill using a wire bristle brush. Better yet, use other grill-cleaning methods or products if they are available.

Better safe than sorry.


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