Basic Knife Skills Every Chef Should Know

knifecutsSome knife cutting techniques. Photo taken from:


If there is one thing a home chef must learn, it’s the proper ways to cut food. Learning the proper ways to cut not only save time and effort in the kitchen; they can also keep you (and your fingers) safe as well. Here’s a very informative video about basic knife skills.

Even if you’re an experienced chef that video may be worth watching. Now, here are the basic knife techniques that every chef should know:

Chop – To chop, use an outstretched hand to steady and secure the tip end of the knife while bringing it up and down across what you’re chopping.

Slice – To slice, you must learn how to put the fingers of your non-knife hand into a tight “claw.” This protects your fingers while you are chopping and helps guide the food towards your knife.

Dice – A basic knife cut that results in food being cut into uniform cube shapes.

Chiffonade – Involves rolling and slicing. It is used to cut herbs or leafy green vegetables into long strips.

Julienne – To cut into long, thin strips.



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