Cooking While Drunk


“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.” ― W.C. Fields

Apparently, for some people cooking while they are drunk is the best way to cook. Ever heard of the cooking show My Drunk Kitchen? Try watching it here on Hannah “Harto” Hart’s YouTube channel. Now that’s something a tipsy Home Chef should not be doing in the kitchen.

Cooking while you’re drunk is never a good idea. It’s a recipe for an accident, and you are going to put yourself and the people you live in danger. Besides the risk of injuring yourself, there is the risk of falling asleep while you’re cooking your meal, which can cause a deadly fire.

Here’s a message London Fire Brigade Commissioner, Ron Dobson, said a few years back that Home Chefs should heed, “…if you’ve had too much to drink, don’t go home thinking you’re on MasterChef. Too many fires start when someone has passed out, leaving a pizza in the oven or a pan on the hob and it can be fatal. If people are planning a big night out, they should plan on having a takeaway on the way home.“

Cooking while you’re drunk may be funny for some; just remember not to burn down the house or harm yourself. Better yet, just order pizza and save yourself from the destruction. Don’t drink and cook.


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