Handling Hot Peppers

Hot_peppersHot peppers contain a compound called capsaicin, which can burn your skin if it comes into contact with the oil. When you handle hot peppers, wear protective gloves at all times. But if you decide to handle hot peppers without gloves, do so by holding it by the stem and the skin when you cut into the peppers and expose the seeds and ribs. Remember that capsaicin stay on your skin for a while, so avoid rubbing sensitive skin or touching your eyes. You don’t want to do this http://9gag.com/gag/aW0zAYn/mom-of-the-year-award-goes-to

After handling hot peppers, wash your hands thoroughly with soap to make sure the oil is washed off before you go around touching other things. You don’t want to leave any of that stuff on a doorknob, do you? Do not use hot water though. Hot water will open up your pores and the capsaicin will seep into your skin.

Dealing with the burning pain is no laughing matter. I would suggest that you just wear gloves to avoid the unnecessary torture of having your hands burn for hours.

And here’s a sound advice for the men; make sure you wash your hands first before you go to the bathroom. You’ll thank me later.


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