In Case of Fire

In Case of Fire, Break the Glass Stay Calm

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In case of fire in the kitchen, remain calm. Don’t scream and flail your hands around like a fish out of water. This will only make everyone panic. Be unflappable. Just like Saturday Kitchen host James Martin. Take a look at the video found on this site.

Do you see how calm he is? Do you see how his calmness was reassuring to the audience? Okay, so maybe his guest, Suzi Perry, does look concerned. However, Chef Martin was able to calm down everyone else by being calm himself. He’s showing the audience that he’s got everything under control. Can you imagine everyone else’s reaction if Chef Martin panicked instead? The studio would have been in total chaos!

There is certainly a lesson we can learn here. If you ever find yourself in a situation like that stay calm. Show that you have everything under control. Don’t panic. Use your head and think of a solution. Oh, and you might want to check if your eyebrows and eyelashes are still there.

If the fire is too big for you to handle, please call for help.



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