Kitchen Knives


Knives… Every home chef needs a set of knives that can take care of most of the basic cutting task. Here’s a look at the three knives that you’re going to need in every kitchen.

1. Chef’s knife – Among the most versatile knives, this is the knife you’ll use daily for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing.


2. Paring knife – This indispensable knife is handy for smaller precision tasks like peeling, trimming and slicing small fruits and vegetables.


3. Serrated bread knife – a serrated bread knife cuts soft, fresh loaves without squashing or tearing. It’s also great for cutting tomatoes and citrus.


Besides the three must-have knives, there are a number of kitchen knives that have different uses. But before you go on a buying spree, remember that you won’t need every single one of them in your kitchen. Here’s a link to a website that shows a lot of knives and their uses



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