Knife-related Injuries and How to Avoid It (As Much As Possible)


Accidents involving knives are quite common in the kitchen. Something is bound to happen when you handle knives everyday. Not even top chefs can avoid it.

As painful as it sounds, knife accidents actually teaches you something… To never be careless again!

Here are 10 ways to avoid kitchen knife accidents:

  1. Always use sharp knives and keep it sharp. Dull knives will lead to injuries more often.


  1. Use the appropriate knife. You’re not supposed to use a cleaver to apply spreads, right?


  1. Always cut/chop on a stable non-slip board. Never cut things in your hand! That’s just inviting the knife to slice into your hand.


  1. When chopping, curl your fingers under and hold the food with your fingertips. Keep fingers away from the blade and slice away from the hand.


  1. Handle knives carefully when washing.


  1. Carry a knife with the blade pointing downwards. And make sure the cutting edge is away from your body.


  1. Store knives in a safe location, like a scabbard or container. Don’t store knives in a drawer where blades can potentially injure the fingers. And don’t leave them in the sink. Clean them and put them away right after using.


  1. Keep knives away from children’s reach, and don’t leave them on surfaces where they can be accidentally pushed off.


  1. If a knife falls, don’t try to catch it. Just step back and let it fall. I know your instinct is telling you to catch it. Just don’t do it.


  1. Don’t carry knives while carrying other objects. I’ve heard of stories of lacerations in the face just because someone decided to carry a box while holding a knife. Bad idea.

If you are using a knife, don’t get distracted. It can lead to accidents.



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