Knife Skills 101


Learning the right way to handle a knife is very important if you want to avoid accidents in the kitchen. You don’t go around cutting food randomly, do you? You must learn how to hold your knife properly when you chop. And you also need to know how to protect your other hand while it holds the food. Furthermore, finding the right knife is imperative. You’ll want one you’re comfortable with (just like your kitchen shoes).

Besides learning how to properly cut foods, home chefs must also learn how important it is to keep their knives clean and sharp. Keeping it sharp is very important, because when you use a dull knife you tend to have to press harder on what you’re cutting, which results in slippage. Now imagine yourself cutting an onion when the knife slips and cuts your finger. The bottom line is – keep your knives sharp.

Here’s a link to an article that gives a nice overview of knife cuts every home chef should know



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