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Home Chefs can never be too careful when working in the kitchen. So, here are more kitchen safety tips to help you make your kitchen as safe as it can be.

  • Do not wear loose clothing or dangling sleeves while cooking. Those are firetraps. Wear proper clothing when you’re cooking.
  • Whatever you’re cooking, never leave it unattended. Accidents can happen in a split second.
  • As much as possible, keep children and pets away from the kitchen. You can’t keep an eye on them all the time while you cook.
  • Keep anything that can catch fire away from any appliance in the kitchen that generates heat.
  • Learn the proper way to use knives. The best way to avoid accidents with knives is learning how to use them.
  • Clean cooking surfaces on a regular basis to prevent grease buildup.
  • Clean spills promptly to avoid accidents. Yes, you can wait until later, but you might forget.
  • Install smoke alarms, and put a fire extinguisher in an accessible area. Most importantly, learn how to properly put out fires so you won’t panic when an accident happens.
  • Keep a first-aid kit in the kitchen, and keep it well stocked. For Home Chefs who like to build their own emergency medical kit, check out
  • Lastly, home chefs should make sure everything is safely turned off before leaving the kitchen. Better safe than sorry. Best recommendation:  Just keep kids out of the kitchen.




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