Off-the-shelf Home Chef Emergency Medical Kits and Supplies


Keep your emergency medical kit well stocked

No one is immune to injury in the kitchen. Cuts and burns are the most common mishaps in the kitchen and must be treated urgently, so first aid items should be available at all times.

Home Chefs can easily obtain emergency medical kits and supplies over-the-shelf at local drugstores, pharmacies, or the medicaments section of supermarkets.

If the Home Chef wants to order online, here’s a list of online stores with first aid kits and supplies in stock for the home kitchen:

Johnson & Johnson Ready America All Purpose First Aid Kit – 33 Piece (Clear) – Available from Target (online)

First Aid & Safety Online!

Webstaurant Store

First Aid Mart



The thing with an emergency medical kit is that you don’t know when you’ll need it. So, it’s better to keep it stocked at all times.

For Home Chefs who like to build their own emergency medical kit, here’s a list of the items you’ll need.
(List taken from The Home Chef’s Kitchen Medical Emergency Guide)
1. Long-necked surgical pliers
2. High-intensity flashlight
3. Roll of sterile gauze, or large, sterile gauze pads
4. Tube of antibiotic ointment
5. Tube of cortisone
6. Adhesive bandages, several sizes
7. Moisturizer
8. Sharp scissors or scalpel
9. Anti-flatulent
10. Antacid
11. Pain relievers: ibuprofen or naproxen, and aspirin or acetaminophen
12. Roll of surgical adhesive
13. Cotton balls
14. Sterile gauze pads
15. Thermometer
16. Elastic bandages in several sizes with metal camps
17. Antihistamine, epinephrine
18. Hydrocortisone or diphenhydramine cream
19. Tweezers
20. Ear plugs
21. Rubber tourniquet
22. First-Aid manual
23. Emergency telephone numbers
24. Single-dose injectable hypodermic needle

These items should be kept together in a bag and placed in an accessible area in the kitchen. Don’t forget to label the bag with the words “first-aid kit.”

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