The Eating Habits of College Students

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As hilarious as it looks, I’m sure that a lot of college students would agree with the food pyramid photo shown above. Let’s face it; college students don’t exactly have the healthiest eating habits.

Sure, we have all heard of the so-called Freshman 15, an expression suggesting that a student will gain 15 pounds during his/her first year at college. The amount of weight gained may be exaggerated; however, you can’t help but notice that college students just aren’t eating right. In fact, some are even malnourished.

Yes, you read it right – malnourished. When we hear that word, we often think of a skinny person who has nothing to eat. The fact of the matter is being malnourished is not based on a person’s weight. You can be overweight and still be considered malnourished if you don’t eat the right amount of healthy food, and as a result have an unbalanced diet.

Many college students are malnourished because of their lifestyle. Before they went to college they have parents supervising their meals. But now they have the freedom to eat whatever they want. And sadly, what they want to eat is usually food containing empty calories.

Parents better think twice before they send their kids out to fend for themselves without any idea on how to cook their own food. If college students learn the basics on how to cook, perhaps they will find themselves eating healthier foods instead of endless servings of ramen and pizza.


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