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The Wall Street Journal recently (Sept. 18, 2015, Sect. M) featured “The Global Chef at Home,” which described and showed photos of the home kitchens of four-star superstar personality chefs—in New York, London, Bangkok and Copenhagen—and other top homes with great kitchens designs, looks and appliances.

Featured chef home kitchens are those of Rachael Ray, New York; Rene Redzepi, Copenhagen; Tom Aikens, London, and husband and wife Bo Songvisava and Dylan Jones, Bangkok.

There’s no reason to think or believe any of these kitchens are not 100 percent safe or accident-prone or that anything non-safe ever happened in them or will in the future.

On the other hand, s a safety tip, in a story on page M11 on latest trends in kitchen decor and appliances (What’s Hot and What’s Not in Kitchen Design), much in demand now are countertops where all-plugged-in appliances (mixers, blenders, processors, bar) rise up from countertops and sink back down when not in use.

From the article:  “The Downside:  Distracted home chefs or curious toddlers could get their hands caught in a descending hydraulic lift.  Mr. Burghardt (co-owner of kitchen-design firm Domicile in San Francisco) said his countertop sections pop off as a safety precaution, but this isn’t standard across the industry.”


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